The power of community: How WeMakeDevs helped me grow

The power of community: How WeMakeDevs helped me grow

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Finding the right community can be a game-changer whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro. For many developers, being part of a supportive, welcoming community can make all the difference in their journey. For me, that community was WeMakeDevs, the first ever community back then, Community Classroom. Finding it was like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

Did I know about communities before? No. For me, the community concept was limited to the scope of college societies and a few more. Alas, I wish I had known about global communities before. But yes! you're never too late :)

Things were initially overwhelming when I got to be part of the core team and work with such a great team. Imposter syndrome hit me hard too. I asked myself, " Am I qualified enough to work and provide value here? " or " Will they all judge me because I don't have an identity? Nobody knows me here. " and so on. I remember when the community socials shared the Core Team banner; my Twitter was mere to non-existent, and I had never used it before, I just had an account with zero tweets. Also, a funny thing, I had this preconceived notion that Discord is for gamers, so I didn't use it either. And I was confused about how to use it even. I had silly doubts :D. All these small things were affecting me.

Until all my worries were no more when I started interacting with my team members, I very soon realised that this community was warm, welcoming, and supportive, and I quickly felt like I was part of something special. The group was full of people who were passionate about coding and helping others, and that energy was contagious.

What I appreciated most about WeMakeDevs was the sense of belonging. As a new community member, entering a field where there's always something new to learn and where others seem to be light years ahead of you can be intimidating. But in this community, I felt like I was part of a tribe of people who were all on the same journey. We all had something to learn and were eager to share what we knew. And I couldn't be more grateful to Kunal Kushwaha for the constant encouragement and support at every step.

Soon, it made me feel like this community discord server was like my second home. I could share stuff, work and laugh at things. It felt like a safe space. No judgements, no worries, only surrounding myself with people who root for you to grow. I have learnt so much about tech ecosystems and communities only because I was part of it.

I was amazed at how collaborations can make things so worth spending time on. And yes, I was no longer running away from tech, which was my constant dilemma earlier. It gave me a sense of direction, and I started exploring more & more. I also understood the value of personal branding and learning in public and how it can act as a catalyst in your career.

So, was my community experience only limited to virtual interactions? Ofc not. I also got a chance to attend my first-ever tech meetup of Community Classroom. And I had no idea what it would compromise of.

Because I am from a group of students who spent a sizable part of their college years at home, this meet-up was more than just an event for me.

Anxious & Nervous

I would characterise myself as such just before going to the meet-up. While firsts are thrilling, they also come with some anxiety, and going to an event in person was my first time.

Community Classroom meetup

But as soon as I got there and saw many other people there (some familiar, some not), it dawned on me that the whole point of this gathering was to meet people. And fast forward, I made so many valuable connections, and now I look forward to attending new ones.

Another thing which added value to me was my first virtual Kubecon experience, and I cannot emphasize it more than I have already in this blog, do check it out; if you haven't.

Oh, and how can I forget about the WeMakeDevs Team meetups? I was making connections and learning more about myself via these gatherings. Every time I returned home from one of the catchups, I felt stronger and more confident in my identity, which made a difference.

Some highlights

WeMakeDevs Team Meetup

As a community member, I recognised the importance of helping others. I thought it was equally important for me to help others in return for the guidance and support I had received from the community. I tried to contribute by offering as much worth as possible.

A discord session on about how to share your knowledge

I know that getting into the tech sector can be overwhelming and intimidating sometimes, particularly with so many potential career paths to consider. But one can always be guided and helped by being part of a community, connecting with them and learning from their experiences.

The community taught me valuable lessons about collaboration, mentorship, and empathy. It helped me build connections and friendships with people from all over the world. And it gave me the confidence to explore more into the tech domain.

In conclusion, WeMakeDevs was my best community experience; to date, it is the best for me; it will always be like a family. I will always be grateful for how it shaped my life. If you're a developer looking for a supportive, welcoming community to help you grow and learn, I can't recommend it enough. Joining a community can be a game-changer; WeMakeDevs was just that for me.

Thank you for reading about my experience with WeMakeDevs. Being a part of this community has been an incredible journey that has helped me grow both personally and professionally.

If you'd like to connect with me further, please feel free to follow me on Twitter. I'm always looking to network with fellow developers and share insights about the industry.

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