Power of tech communities

Power of tech communities

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Hey readers, a new blog just went live. It's never too late to start your journey into the tech communities, and this blog will undoubtedly assist you. Therefore, let's begin.

What is community?

It's so simple to say "community." We are all connected by the word itself. It depicts a situation that occurs so frequently that we hardly ever take the time to explain it. Both a sense of community and a network of interpersonal connections exist. To address shared needs, people establish and maintain communities. A spirit of trust, belonging, safety, and concern for one another permeates a community. They believe they can affect their surroundings and one another as a community, both individually and collectively.

Why should we get started with tech communities?

1. Communities are the best place to find the right solution

In this case, the right solution does not necessarily mean finding the code solutions or locating the appropriate documentation. But it's about the possibility that you may make mistakes and waste time and energy trying to figure things out when you first start out your adventure in technology in terms of learning or trying out some new stuff. But in the tech community, there are people who have already tried and tested a lot of things, so you can find the correct solution and, by learning from their mistakes, avoid making them yourself. They will also assist you, and you will be able to see the way forward no matter what you are about to undertake. It's not a shortcut; rather, it's a method to be mentored and directed.

2. Can aid in building relationships/networks

You will learn about the true meaning of networking, which goes beyond just following each other on Twitter and connecting on LinkedIn. That is definitely not how it operates. Actually, it's much more than that. It's similar to building in public where others get to know you and you get to know them, and you even notice certain shared interests that make you feel connected. The greatest approach to learning networking is through the communities themselves since you learn a lot from the many various people there and their varied experiences. By networking with them, you advance personally as well. Additionally, you will comprehend the attributes of them that you can instil in addition to your technical understanding. In actuality, you can make friends in the community.

3. Boosts your capacity for technological proficiency.

It's a large globe; as you can see, some people work in fields like graphic design, blogging, and public speaking. There are so many options for you to choose from. And when you get the chance to present it in front of so many people, you have the chance to attempt something different from what you are already doing. In addition, you gain managerial abilities, which are impossible to acquire on your own. Your leadership qualities improve on a personal level as well. Additionally, all of these experiences may inspire you to pursue community management, developer advocacy, or devRel in the future. Regarding the abundance of possibilities, you can never be sure. The genuine scenarios will be in front of you. Recognize how it can help you reach your potential and how you may use it to advance yourself.

4. Improves your communication skills

Right, speaking is another ability. You frequently have the opportunity to introduce yourself or communicate with the community for a variety of reasons. All of this will eventually assist you in improving your communication abilities, so you'll advance. Every time a community call is held, you should go because you will have the chance to speak and because there will undoubtedly be someone new present. Indirectly, you may even have the chance to connect with them. It's crucial to develop your networking skills as well. Additionally, when you establish relationships with new individuals in your life, you won't have to worry about becoming apprehensive or hesitant when the time comes for you to speak to them. Remember, the community never judges you, never hurts you, and everyone is so generous. Understanding the value of communication is now even more crucial as we go toward a remote society. Recall that everyone in the community is so kind and will never judge or mistreat you. Take the greatest parts from it, then upgrade yourself.

5. Help you determine your next step

You may have noticed people who frequently get stuck because they are unsure of which track to choose. But when you're a part of a community, you gain a new viewpoint and learn about other people's experiences, journeys, and challenges. Therefore, when a question is raised, you inevitably find a direction and your course is frequently plotted out. Though not always, most of the time it does assist you in discovering your own objectives and areas of enthusiasm.

6. Can help you find a potential job

You must learn in public for this, as I expressly stressed in my blog, which you may read here. Blog

Finding the right tech community

You must first complete your homework. You must decide what you want to learn; idly wandering around community servers won't be of any use. You'll waste time that won't contribute to your development. Take your time and consider what it is that you wish to discover or learn about.

Now, before you choose a community, make sure it is still alive and not dormant. Dead refers to lack of communication, lack of opportunity for collaboration, etc. Additionally, you can check to see if the people in your social circle are members of these groups; this will assist you in choosing a trustworthy group of people.

Note: Prior to joining the group, it's crucial to assess your priorities.

Also, don't worry if you're a rookie; this doesn't mean you can't contribute anything to the community. You just need to filter out the stuff where you can contribute and be a valuable member of the community Always lend a hand to those in need in the community.

Important takeaways:

  1. Determine what you're searching for and analyse it
  2. Realize that every community has a goal or a focus technology
  3. Be ready to learn, contribute, and grow.

Don't forget these?

  1. As a new community member, try not to feel overwhelmed. There are people here with varied cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, and nobody is better than everyone else.

  2. List prioritised communities. Personal advice: Focus on 3–4 communities and be active there rather than being involved in ten or more. If you are a part of 10 but only participate in 1, it is worthless.

  3. Show generosity to the community folks

  4. Throughout the process, exercise patience. All things take time, so be patient and find pleasure in the process. You must realise that no one can ever instantaneously assist you.

  5. Try blogging about your journey; it will undoubtedly offer a lot of value.

Last but not least, Community is defined as the sum of learning, developing, networking, cooperating, friendships, experience, and skills. Make a difference, make an impact.

Thank you for reading; this concludes the blog. I'm hoping that now more people will follow communities.

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