Invited for a meetup? Don't think, just go!

Invited for a meetup? Don't think, just go!

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Hello, readers I'm back with a new blog where I'll discuss the benefits of attending meetups. And I think many of you will sign up for meetups after reading this blog and really go :)

So let's start.

Those who do not understand what meetups are? Allow me to explain.

Meetups are gatherings (online/offline), where people meet and exchange knowledge and experiences based on shared interests, which deepens links to the community as a whole. At times brands may sponsor meetups, or communities themselves may start them.

Meetups serve as active platforms for a variety of dialogues, either in the form of a question-and-answer session in a group setting or a presentation or networking.

So, let’s come back to the question, why go to meetups? What value does it add to us? I’ll answer this based on my personal experience of having recently attended an in-person meetup in collaboration with "Community Classroom". You can see the highlights of the event here

So what are those 5 most important benefits of going to meetups?

Learning Potential

When many minds come together under the guise of "meetups", your learning multiplies. A tech meetup soon floods your brain with knowledge. Despite that, I know many of you will be afraid to participate because you could be thinking, "I'm only a beginner" or "I have no idea about the topic of conversation,". I nevertheless encourage you to go. Why?

First and foremost, you have got nothing to lose. Whatever happens, you will unquestionably improve (even if it's 1%) from where you were before the meetup. Secondly, if you end up speaking about your ideas in front of an audience, you will get other's viewpoints which will only add up to your knowledge. Trust me, you will have a tonne of important takeaways/learnings from every meetup. So go for it.

Most meetups have a galaxy of best minds present. This is because meetups are a great platform to showcase innovative concepts and technologies. You will experience these from close quarters (given that meetups are focused gatherings) and broaden your understanding of cutting-edge technologies. Sometimes we simply stay in our familiar surroundings with the same people and organisations, which prevents us from learning new things. These gatherings help you come out of your comfort zone and aid in your overall technical knowledge.

To derive maximum benefits, I suggest, you interact with the maintainers, ask questions, view the sessions, visit virtual booths, and see demos. Be rest assured, they will be more than happy to answer your questions. You never know when a presentation may spark your curiosity to the point where you could decide to become involved or start your own project. Not to mention, when you start talking with a group of people, all those technical discussions, will at the very least offer you a broad understanding of that technology in a short period of time that you might not otherwise grasp just by searching Google.


I can't stress it more, it is evident. You'll get to know a lot of new folks. And everybody will have something valuable to contribute. Face-to-face talks are unrivalled. Personal interactions have the capacity to elicit feelings and give dialogues a soul. I'd advise going for this and interacting even if you're an introvert. You can always start small by having conversations with a few people, and once you start getting comfortable at it, go all out - meet & greet as many as you can. The finest chance for you to step outside of your comfort zones will present itself here. Meetups are a good way to make relations - who knows, the seeds that you sow here may bear fruits in the future.

Communities are designed to support one another. You might be on the lookout for a job and run into someone at the meetup who already has an opening in that field. You talk to them, share your experience, and you might even end up getting an offer. There are countless opportunities that could benefit you. Additionally, you'll undoubtedly make new friends too. My personal favourite setting is a "Breakout Room" because the discussion groups are formed randomly and you can discuss a wide range of topics there.

Self-Investment in Self-Growth

The time and money that you spend (which is not too much) is an investment towards your growth. Meetups generally give you a fresh perspective on life. Not only do you learn new things and meet new people, but you also identify opportunities and avenues for self-advancement. The talks will instil inspiration in you. Of course, the energy of those who share your interests will surge in your body and inspire you. You'll be filled with a lot of fresh thoughts and vigour to achieve them.

Attending a meetup is not always fun; it's a serious undertaking that calls for a high level of dedication. Any meetup demands a commitment in terms of time, money (if paid), and planning in order to derive its full value. But you should be aware that in the end, you are investing in yourself and this is a small price that you pay.

Swags & Food :P

Who doesn't enjoy freebies and delicious food? Meetups fit into that too. A few meetups provide an open stage where attendees can present their key takeaways and receive swags. You might be rewarded for asking insightful questions even while listening to a talk. That's a good way, right? Additionally, having talks while eating might be an excellent icebreaker. Food and swag are also major inducements to attend meetups, funny enough.

These were my five main takeaways from the meetup that I attended. Thank you for reading my blog; I hope you found it interesting.

Even if I am able to inspire one reader to attend a meetup, I would consider writing this blog worthwhile. I also hope that the reasons for attending a meetup will resonate with folks who have already been attending meetups. Do add in the comment section if you can think of any more reasons.

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