20+ Open Source Programs & Internships

20+ Open Source Programs & Internships

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Hey readers, I have written this blog as a single compilation of all the opportunities in open source and internships. I hope this will be really helpful for all the readers.

So let's start?

1. Reinforcement Learning Open Source Fest by Microsoft

It is a global online program focused on introducing students to open-source reinforcement learning programs. Work alongside the Real World (RL) team at Microsoft Research NYC.

2. LFX Mentorship Program This program is organized by Linux Foundation and aims to pair open-source talent with experienced mentors. It is actively used by the Cloud Native Foundation as a mentorship platform across the CNCF projects.

3. MLH Fellowship A fully remote, 12-week internship where participants earn a stipend and learn to collaborate on real open source projects(3 fellowship tracks) with peers and engineers from top companies.

4. Google Summer of Code GSoC contributors work on a 12+ week programming project with the guidance of mentors from their open source organization. This is one of the most popular programs with 700+ participating organizations.

5. LFN Mentorship Program The LF Networking Mentorship Program is aimed at providing a structured and guided learning opportunity for students interested in becoming open source contributors to the Linux Foundation's networking project communities.

6. Linux Kernel Mentorship Program This program from The Linux Foundation connects experienced Linux Kernel developers and maintainers with mentees to help the become contributors to the Linux Kernel.

7. GNOME Internships GNOME has started and participated in Outreachy since 2010. The program helps people from groups underrepresented in free and open-source software get involved.

8. Google Season Of Docs Season of Docs provides support for open source projects to improve their documentation and gives professional technical writers an opportunity to gain experience in open source.

9. XOrgFoundation (EVoC) It was initiated to help support projects that would otherwise go rejected through GSoC. Students are welcome to either come up with an idea on their own or work up a proposal for an idea suggested by someone else.

10. Summer of Haskell It is an effort by the Haskell Organisation to reach out to students and encourage them to contribute to the Haskell community with the aid of experienced mentors.

11. Open Mainframe Project Mentorship Program It would help the mentee to expand their knowledge of mainframe technology and would help them contribute to open-source projects. Also, it provides a stipend for selected mentees.

12. 24 Pull Requests The idea is simple: 'Send 24 pull requests between December 1st and December 24th', encouraging contributors to give back to open source projects with little gifts of code throughout December.

13. Open Summer of code A 4-week summer programme in July, that provides Belgian-based students with the training, network and support necessary to transform open innovation projects into powerful real-world services.

14. Hyperledger Mentorship Program This Hyperledger program provides a structured and hands-on opportunity for students and new developers to gain exposure to Hyperledger open source development and entry into the technical community.

15. Season of KDE This program offers an opportunity for people to participate in both code and non-code projects that benefits the KDE ecosystem.

16. Free Software Foundation Internship This is an educational opportunity to work with the organization that sponsors the GNU Project, publishes the GNU General Public License (GPL), and fights for software freedom.

17. The Processing Foundation Fellowship The Processing Org. supports artists, coders, and collectives in visionary projects that conceive a new direction for what Processing as a software and a community can do.

18. Hacktoberfest Hacktoberfest is open to everyone. For the official limited edition Hacktoberfest shirt, you must register and make four pull requests in the month of October.

19. FOSSASIA Internship In the program, they look for people who would like to work on the project they choose continuously. Preferably, participants who are interested to solve bugs or add features that are required to bring the project forward.

20. DrivenData Competitions Want to participate in competitions that pay you, check this out.

21. Kubernetes Release Team Shadows They recruit a number of apprentices for each release role, in order to train new release team leads, share knowledge about the release process, and help contributors.

22. Julia Seasons of Contributions The Julia Seasons of Contributions (JSoC) are the seasonal programs for funding and/or mentoring developers to contribute to the open source ecosystem.

23. Cross Research Exp. Program It values diversity and inclusion in all our projects. It also accepts project ideas from mentors not currently supported by CROSS. Industry partners and other sponsors are welcome to support this program.

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Reference: Kunal Kushwaha's Community Classroom YT channel

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